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What is the Body Code?

The Body Code covers the complete spectrum of healing from: Emotional Imbalances, Toxicity Imbalances, Circuitry Imbalances, Pathogens Imbalances, Structural Imbalances and Nutritional Imbalances. Almost any condition, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual can be eased to some degree by using the Body Code to reset the imbalances. Sometimes the changes are immediate and miraculous, sometimes much more subtle - each person is different. While sometimes only one session is needed, often and particularly for multiple issues - a series of sessions is needed.

Our Body Code sessions are generally done long distance, although in-person sessions are just as effective. After you fill out the intake form, and send in your payment - we'll schedule your session. We will conduct the session over the phone or Skype - and after the session we will email you the results.

'Conditions' the Body Code can help with include - but are not limited to:

Fibromyalgia                            PTSD                                           

Allergies                                   Migraine

Arthritis                                    Stress                                           

Asthma                                     Phobias                                        

Digestive Issues                        Pain

Self-esteem                               Depression                             

Relationship Issues                   Weight issues

Releasing Trapped Emotions (What are Trapped Emotions?)

Releasing Heart Wall (What is a Heart Wall?)


The body is made up entirely of energy. Energy disruptions are the primary cause of both ill health and emotional issues. All health issues can be found under the 6 categories of imbalance found in The Body Code System.

ENERGIES - Through this section imbalances can be discovered from: Post-Traumatic; Offensive; Mental; Addictive Heart Energy; Allergy/Intolerance; Emotional. 

CIRCUITS & SYSTEMS - Through this section imbalances can be discovered from: Acupuncture System; Disconnections; Systems; Organs; Glands; Chakras.

TOXINS - Through this section imbalances can be discovered from: Dental Toxicity; Microbial; Prions; Chemicals; Heavy Metals; Excesses; EM Spectrum. 

PATHOGENS - Through this section imbalances can be discovered from: Mold; Viral; Parasites; Fungal; Bacterial.

MISALIGNMENTS - Through this section imbalances can be discovered from: Connective Tissue; Glands; Organs; Systems; Skeleton.  

NUTRITION & LIFESTYLE - Through this section imbalances can be discovered from: Color Deficiency; Sleep; Outside Needs; Magnetic Field; pH Imbalance; Malnutrition; Foods, Herbs & Nutrients; Dehydration.

The Body Code heals by virtue of allowing the body to heal itself through its normal protocol, when energies are released/balanced, in its intended and normal function. After connecting to you or your animals energy, we ask your subconscious mind - which acts like a hard drive on a computer and knows everything about your body and what it would benefit from - what energy disruptions are contributing to your emotional or physical issues, through muscle testing or applied kinesiology. We then clear these energy disruptions energetically. Once the energetic blockages are removed, the body's energy flow can return to normal in that area. Sessions last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.


In approximately 20% of people, the release of trapped energies may result in "processing," where echoes of the energies released may manifest in temporary physical or emotional discomfort. Processing is the healing period after an emotional or energetic release. Generally, processing lasts for one or two days, and during that time a person may or may not experience symptoms such as: emotional ups and downs, crying, sleeplessness, a need for extra sleep, vivid dreams, and in rare cases, nausea or headache. Most often someone tends to be slightly more emotionally sensitive than normal, if anything. During the processing time, it’s VERY important to drink plenty of water for a couple days. In our world, water plays the key role in how information is exchanged.  In effect, it is the medium through which all nature is governed.

The Body Code

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