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Beliefs, Thoughts and Memories

The journey of Healing your Self is one of self discovery and understanding! In order to heal we must begin to clear what we have buried, the painful experiences that we have been avoiding for all these years.

Our beliefs, thoughts and memories about ourselves, other people and the world around us are incredibly powerful! So powerful in fact, that they create the very world that we are experiencing. If we believe that we are poor and that we’ll never have enough money, we will attract that reality to us. If, however, we clear that belief, we will see a change in our reality.

From a very young age we begin forming beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. Many of these beliefs are not true. We are taught to look outside of ourselves for answers, rather than inside. The truth is that we can never heal ourselves until we know ourselves – the core of who we are.

But what if we could fulfill our dreams? What if we were the only ones standing in the way of moving forward?

We have found a very powerful way to enhance our healing through the Emotion Code and Body Code which allows the identification and clearing of limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, unpleasant memories, and trapped emotions that are interferring with our healing.

Remember that you are a limitless creator and that we have simply been conditioned to believe that we are supposed to have limitations in our life. You CAN create a life of happiness and joy that you so deserve, and you don’t have to struggle to achieve it!

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