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Sacred Intentions Reiki teaches Reiki classes at all levels from Beginner First Degree Reiki to Reiki Master Teacher. All of our Reiki classes are designed to support our students wherever they are being guided on their personal life path. Many of our students are interested in learning Reiki for personal healing or spiritual awakening, for healing others and even for healing pets! Others are interested in expanding their knowledge of alternative forms of healing. Still others want to learn how to create a Reiki healing practice of their own.

Reiki I

This is the first stage of Reiki training. A Reiki I course teaches the history of Reiki, how it works, how it can be used and the traditional hand positions. The Master/teacher passes Reiki on to the student through an attunement.

Reiki II

The second stage of Reiki involves learning various healing symbols which will strengthen the ability the Reiki I student has already acquired and will enable the student to send healing over great distances and forwards or backwards in time. The Master/teacher passes Reiki II on to the student through an attunement.

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Reiki IIIa

Sometimes known as third degree Reiki, the student will be attuned to the Master symbols, greatly enhancing the student's healing ability and focus. There is a great deal of work involved in taking the third degree which is actually the start, rather than the finish of an ongoing lifetime study of personal/spiritual development and growth. This is not to be undertaken lightly as there should be definite commitment. At the end of this course, the student becomes a Reiki Master.

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Reiki IIIb

The fourth degree of Reiki enables the Master to become a teacher. This is where the Master learns how to teach and pass attunements.


Reiki IIIb Class TBA

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